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Spell Name [ID] Cost Difficulty
DefaultMarksmanParalyzeSpell 0.00 Apprentice
Absorb Attribute: Agility StandardAbsorbAttribAgility1Novice 14.00 Apprentice
Absorb Attribute: Endurance StandardAbsorbAttribEndurance1Novice 60.00 Novice
Absorb Attribute: Intelligence StandardAbsorbAttribIntelligence1Novice 60.00 Novice
Absorb Attribute: Luck StandardAbsorbAttribLuck1Novice 60.00 Novice
Absorb Attribute: Speed StandardAbsorbAttribSpeed1Novice 60.00 Novice
Absorb Attribute: Strength StandardAbsorbAttribStrength1Novice 60.00 Novice
Absorb Attribute: Willpower StandardAbsorbAttribWillpower1Novice 60.00 Novice
Absorb Fatigue NPCAbsorbFatigue4Expert 900.00 Master
Absorb Fatigue NPCAbsorbFatigue3Journeyman 409.00 Master
Absorb Fatigue NPCAbsorbFatigue2Apprentice 139.00 Journeyman
Absorb Fatigue StandardAbsorbFatigue1Novice 19.00 Apprentice
Absorb Health StandardAbsorbHealth1Novice 12.00 Apprentice
Absorb Health SELpDarkSeducer 35.00 Journeyman
Absorb Magicka StandardAbsorbMagicka1Novice 14.00 Apprentice
Absorb Magicka LpLichAbsorbMagic 10.00 Novice
Absorb Skill: Acrobatics StandardAbsorbSkAcrobatics1Novice 16.00 Apprentice
Absorb Skill: Alteration StandardAbsorbSkAlteration3Journeyman 787.00 Master
Absorb Skill: Athletics StandardAbsorbSkAthletics1Novice 99.00 Journeyman
Absorb Skill: Blade StandardAbsorbSkBlade4Expert 193.00 Expert
Absorb Skill: Block StandardAbsorbSkBlock3Journeyman 787.00 Master
Absorb Skill: Blunt StandardAbsorbSkBlunt4Expert 193.00 Expert
Absorb Skill: Conjuration StandardAbsorbSkConjuration3Journeyman 787.00 Master
Absorb Skill: Destruction StandardAbsorbSkDestruction4Expert 193.00 Expert
Absorb Skill: Hand to Hand StandardAbsorbSkHand2Hand2Apprentice 40.00 Novice
Absorb Skill: Heavy Armor StandardAbsorbSkHeavyArmor3Journeyman 787.00 Master
Absorb Skill: Illusion StandardAbsorbSkIllusion1Novice 99.00 Journeyman
Absorb Skill: Light Armor StandardAbsorbSkLightArmor2Apprentice 40.00 Novice
Absorb Skill: Marksman StandardAbsorbSkMarksman3Journeyman 787.00 Master
Absorb Skill: Mercantile StandardAbsorbSkMercantile2Apprentice 40.00 Novice
Absorb Skill: Mysticism StandardAbsorbSkMysticism2Apprentice 40.00 Novice
Absorb Skill: Restoration StandardAbsorbSkRestoration2Apprentice 40.00 Novice
Absorb Skill: Security StandardAbsorbSkSecurity1Novice 99.00 Journeyman
Absorb Skill: Sneak StandardAbsorbSkSneak4Expert 193.00 Expert
Absorb spells AbXivilaiAbsorbSpellLesser 0.00 Apprentice
Absorb spells AbXivilaiAbsorbSpell 0.00 Apprentice
Absorb Strength SELpGrummiteAbsStr 10.00 Novice
Adrenaline Rush PwRaceRedguardFortify 0.00 Master
Aegis StandardShield5Master 403.00 Master
Ahjazda's Paranoia SE44Frenzy 0.00 Journeyman
Allergic Paralyzation DarkParalyze 5.00 Apprentice
Alluring Gaze StandardCharmTarget1Novice 21.00 Apprentice
Ancestor Guardian PwRaceDarkElfGuardian 0.00 Master
Ancestor Guardian Resistances AbAncestorGuardian 0.00 Novice
Anchorite Spell MGAnchoriteAltarSpell 0.00 Novice
Ancotar's Invisibility MS47Invisibility 16.00 Apprentice
Ancotar's Reverse Invisibility MS47ReverseInvisibility 0.00 Apprentice
Angry Mind SE09AbGKHead1 2.00 Apprentice
Angry Mind (Gatekeeper Gift) SE09PwGKHead1 0.00 Novice
Apprentice Birthsign BSApprentice 0.00 Apprentice
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